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Reasonable Price Middle East pickup

company : Dongfeng Motor Industry Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd
address : No.3, Lianhu Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.



At present, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Automobile Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: import automobile business, automobile export business, logistics business. The pickup truck in the Middle East is a convertible truck that uses the front part of the car and the cab. All the friends who love cars love it.

The Characteristics Of Middle East Pickup

Now Middle East pickup is good enough for any luxury coupe or SUV, whether it's interior decoration, configuration, power, or performance, but the advantage of Middle East pickup is that it can buy both for the money of an SUV or a luxury coupe, and it has the added benefit of that beautiful rear fight that can hold many things, pickup trucks are those with bulls in their hearts. The best car for boys.

The Benefits Of buying Middle East Pickup

The benefits of Middle East pickup are undoubtedly large space, high chassis, strong cargo carrying capacity, cross-country performance, cool and bullying to drive, as a small boss with practical needs, that is just right.

The good news is that many cities have abolished the Middle East pickup ban, and the door spray and reflective stripes are not needed. If your city has not yet released the policy, it can turn Middle East pickup into SUV.

The Introduction Of Middle East Pickup

Middle East pickup is an important part of the automobile market. Pick-up is a type of car that uses a car's head and cab and has an open truck compartment. It is characterized by car-like comfort, without loss of power, and than the car's load and the ability to adapt to poor road surface. The most common pickup truck is double row pickup. Pickups can be used as special vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, business vehicles, commercial vehicles, but also as household vehicles, used for cargo, tourism, rental and other uses. The so-called pickup is a hybrid of cars and trucks. With the expansion of retrofitted enthusiasts, pickup modification has increasingly become a favorite category for retrofitting enthusiasts. Pickups are selling well in the United States.

Pickup products first appeared in the United States in the 1920s. It is a very practical and common means of transportation in the United States, and deeply loved by Americans. It is a symbol of modern American cowboy culture. With the boom of Pickup Market in the US, pickup has extended to other parts of the world.

The Market Of Middle East Pickup

With the further development of private economy in China's urban and rural areas, the logistics industry in domestic small and medium-sized cities is accelerating. As an alternative to agricultural vehicles, minibuses and minitrucks, the demand for Middle East pickup is increasing day by day. "Passenger and cargo compatible" Middle East pickup products in the second and third line of small and medium-sized cities and wealthier rural areas have been increasingly recognized.

Our Service

1.We will arrange overseas sellers to provide you services according to your district after receiving your enquiries; 

2.Our overseas sellers introduce products according to your requirements; 

3.Our overseas sellers will confirm the products you want to purchase; 

4.After negotiating such matters as prices, terms of trade etc., we will sign a contract; 

5.We will arrange production and delivery after collecting the payments. 

Founded in May 1983, China Dongfeng Import and Export Corporation is the first foreign trade company approved by the state to be established in China's automobile industry. Our Middle Eastern pickup truck, high-grade, comfortable driving, suitable for travel, cross-country. It's a good travel assistant.

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No.3, Lianhu Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.

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